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Tips For Writing Essays In Bar Exams

In some bar exams essays can be of very high weightage when the exam scores are concerned. For instance, in California bar exam essays account for 39% of the total exam marks. In order to pass the exam you have to do well in essays necessarily. There are a few tips and tricks that can guide you to California Bar Exam essay writing. After reading this post, you will have at least some idea about writing the better essays in the bar exam. Perfection can be achieved only by practice.

Use Timer
Set a timer while you write the essay. In case you are doing it on paper, record the time on writing. This will help you understand how much time you are taking for the essay and how much you will have to deal with other questions. One cannot waste a lot of time behind essay writing. With regular practice, you can improve your skills and write essays in a lesser amount of time. Keep a watch on the clock all the time. DO not let the essay topic keep you engrossed for an extended amount of time.

Plan In Advance
Before you start writing, plan what you are going to write. You must decide at the beginning itself how many paragraphs are going to be there and what each section will explain. Write it like a story which begins interestingly, and after talking about the topic, close it in an interesting way by providing the right food for thought to the readers. It has to be done manually after completing the entire essay. Hence, in a way you have a spelling revision also.

An estimate at the beginning itself how much time you are going to need to do a spell check yourself will help you. Read the topic correctly; law students have shown to be more anxious in the midway of an essay. They end up judging the issue in the beginning without giving it much thought, and later they realize they have overlapped between two or more subjects. Hence, determine what exactly you have to write. Create a timeline or diagram if need be after you read your writing carefully. In the picture, you can plot the trusts, property, wills and related characters.

Make some prepared headlines after reading and understanding the given topic. Write them down on a rough sheet of paper for remembering them while you are writing the essay. It will sort your work, and you will have to put less effort in thinking about everything. Enlist the issues that you are going to write about under each subtopic. Now when you are ready with the outline, then you can move on to start writing the final essay on your test paper whether it is in a hard copy or on an online test screen. With all the tips as mentioned above rest assured to score well in your exams. Don’t lose hope, and try with confidence to crack the exam. Practice makes all the difference, so make it a point to practice well.